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Webinar Series on Economic Recovery – July 14


Post COVID Learning – Economic Recovery and Redesigning our Gateway Cities !


COVID impacted the world’s health and economy, from global to local. The response to COVID necessitated private sector, public sector, local governments and non-profits to operate in very different way that they were accustomed to before. This pandemic highlighted the existing inequities that have been built into our systems. In order to meet the challenges caused by COVID institutions were forced to establish new rules of service delivery. We want to explore what was learned, what has worked well, what should continue, and how to avoid going back to the previous paradigm that was filled with inequities.

Rethinking Gateway Cities – How can we rethink these cities to be more inclusive, more economically resilient, and more valued. The Building Equitable Economies Webinar Series will explore the critical issues that help shape the outcome that benefits the local residents, regional and state economies.

In order to institutionalize lessons learned, we need to capture these practices from the business community, government and non-profit sector. Our webinar series aims to do just that. Join us as we bring together experts for powerful conversations centered on moving the Gateway Cities forward through economic empowerment and structural change.

Act I – Fireside ChatLarge corporations as local economic actors in Gateway Cities and government partnership with private and nonprofit sectors for growth that reaches all residents.

Participants: Yvonne Garcia, Chief of Staff to Chairman & CEO, and Global Head of Communications State Street Corporation, Mike Kennealy, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development and Carlos Matos, CEO of the Chelsea Business Foundation in a fireside chat will discuss the new role of the private sector and government in supporting economic growth in Gateway Cities.

Act II – Local Leaders Implementation – Evaluating strategies, removing barriers and securing substantive investments to spark economic recovery and advance racial equity in Gateway Cities.

Tom Ambrosino, City Manager City of Chelsea, Angel Taveras, Partner Wombie Bond Dickinson, Kristen Harol, President of The Life Initiative, and Carlos Matos, CEO of the Chelsea Business Foundation, will engage in further discussion on the implementation of COVID lessons at the local municipal level and what it will take to transform for better i.e. resources, partnerships, new philosophical framework, to institutionalize the changes as the new structural redesign.


Carlos Matos

Act I – Speakers

Yvonne Garcia - State Street

Yvonne Garcia 
Chief of Staff to Chairman & CEO, and Global Head of Communications State Street Corporation


Mike Kennealy
Secretary of Housing and Economic Development

Act II – Speakers

Building Equitable Economies Speakers

Sponsored by:

State Street Bank