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The Chelsea Business Foundation introduces new summer interns

The Chelsea Business Foundation (CBF) introduces its summer 2021 interns and volunteers. From left to right (between Jenny Camacho, and Deise Paraguay) Alexis Torres, Robert Berland, Kristyn Camacho, Nicolas Soler, Ashton Dupras.

The CBF is pleased to welcome our new interns and volunteers this week. They will be trained in Business, and Economic Development. Their role will be to assist CBF with its goal to foster a healthy economy in gateway cities by supporting the growth and prosperity of Latino and small businesses, as well as incentivizing other key economic factors. 

“We are excited and encouraged by the interest shown by our talented and diverse group of interns and volunteers in our mission. They represent the next generation. We are pleased to  provide them with key opportunities to make informed career choices by exposing them to top executives, through an SBS partnership. We will also through practical experience develop their skills and train them in: how to effectively work in teams, outreach techniques, planning and implementation of strategic marketing. In addition to this they will learn  highly sought after technical skills with specialized software. ”,  said Carlos Matos, CEO of the Chelsea Business Foundation.