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Technical Assistance (TA)


  • Engaged and outreached 200+ businesses in Downtown Chelsea
  • Selected (5) businesses in Chelsea to received $5,000 USD (each) to implement TA recommended
  • Provide technical assistance in a bilingual and culturally relevant manner to 10+ businesses.
  • TA included: Develop Business Plan, Develop market plan, Develop Financial Plan, Access to Capital, etc.

Grant: Technical Assistance for Small Business
Grantor: MassDevelopment, MGCC, City of Chelsea
Status: In Progress 

Delmy Flores Rodeo Bar & Grill

We're so grateful that the City provided funds that businesses in Chelsea can improve their signage and we’re pleased to the bilingual assistance that the Chelsea Business Foundation gave us throughout the process of updating our brand. They’re friendly, helpful and professional. We can see the improvements in our business.

Carlos Camacho Café El Dorado owner

I want to mention the importance of the technical assistance the Foundation, through Chispa Biz Lab, gave me helping to create a financial plan, business plan that was more realistic and gave not only my funders confidence but also will serve as a guide for my business going forward.

Fátima Ortiz Amazonia Jeans owner

Chispa BizLab is a welcoming place, where an immigrant entrepreneur receives assistance in their native language, from people of their community, and in a location that is close by.