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Real Estate and Infrastructure

CBF works with government and community partners to identify local infrastructure needs and plan targeted solutions. The Infrastructure and Real Estate Pillar was created to plan, develop, and implement community and commercial revitalization projects in partnership with government and local stakeholders. Through proactive planning and targeted investments, CBF supports projects that strengthen communities and revitalize the commercial streets, small businesses, and community-based organizations that are the lifeblood Chelsea neighborhoods.

  • Parking deck 
  • Horizon 
  • Salvation Army (Culinary Arts (Incubator for restaurants/Kitchen) Scale up the business 
  • Chizpa Biz Lab 
  • Ciber Security Center
Affordable Housing

Affordable, high-quality units are few and far between. new, modern housing units would quickly be absorbed by the waiting population. A mixed use building will benefit Chelsea residents with new affordable housing, while feeds its people!

Parking Deck

Unlock Downtown Economic Development Potential that will allow the full development of the Broadway corridor and will spark the development of existing structures.

Catalytic Economic Development

Aligned with the new affordable housing development the Chispa BizLab Salvation army project will Ignite opportunities to expand and diversify the skilled workforce to support the culinary arts, Cyber Security and 3D technical talent for the Chelsea and the regional economy.

Chelsea Parking Project